Pinch Valves

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The Series-22 Quarter-Turn Dia-Cam valve is a high flow capacity pinch valve. The valve interior consists of a fabric reinforced elastomeric or PTFE- lined Diaphragm Spool... the only wetted component of the valve. Two opposing gear-driven cams, contained in a flanged split vinylester-fiberglass body, act on the Diaphragm Spool, providing flow control over the entire 90 degrees of valve stem travel.

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Flex-Valve was founded with the purchase of the pinch valve division of Farris Valve, who held the patent on the original pinch valve. Many Flex-Valve styles have common lengths with plug, gate and ball valves for interchangeability. The product is available with customized actuators, controls and sleeve types. The sleeve is the only part exposed to the process fluid and can eliminate the need for expensive body alloys.