Engineered Specialties

QuadroSphere         QS Valve         QS Ball

Simply Better Technology! The QuadroSphere trunnion ball valve protects its seats by minimizing fluid media velocity contacting upstream seating surfaces during cycles. As the QuadroSphere closes, fluid media applies pressure to the upstream seat ring urging it against the ball’s upstream sealing lip for leakproof performance. Features on the ball remove debris from the seats ensuring a clean, tight shut-off each time it cycles.

Sharktooth Control Valves         Sharktooth Valve         Sharktooth Trim Cartridge

The Sharktooth Control Valve is the first triple eccentric type control valve exclusively designed for process control and throttling purposes. The patented “Throttling Trim Cartridge” creates a valve that exhibits significant improvements in performance, simplicity, and economy. Sharktooth control valves have excellent throttling characteristics and provide aerodynamic noise attenuation and liquid cavitation reductions. They are suitable for a wide range of services from cryogenic temperatures up to 850F for liquids, gasses, and steam.


CVA Rotary       CVA Cut-away       CVA Linear

The CVA range of linear and quarter-turn actuators provide an electrically powered process control operator suitable for most control valve types and sizes. The CVA sets a new standard for process control and valve actuation. CVA uses advanced motion control technology to provide exceptional positioning and dynamic performance. Super-capacitors used for fail to position capability. Actuator calibration, configuration and interrogation are performed non-intrusively using wireless Bluetooth communications. Linear and quarter turn outputs available.

GPSA Actuator                  GPSA Linear

The GPSA range is a smart actuator that comprises linear and rotary models with its own PI controller all in one, compact package. A two line 16 character display and non-intrusive rotary switches comprise the actuator's HMI (Human Machine Interface). This provides a simple user access for viewing and modifying parameters and data feedback. The GPSA is easy to install requiring no additional control panels or cabling, all in the safety of an explosion-proof controller.

Western States Automation

The WSA Ni is a unique nickel infused actuator that employs an Autocatalytic Nickel Infusion process to deliver a uniquely effective corrosion resistant actuator for use in aggressive environments, under high humidity, and in application areas where an attractive, long-lasting surface finish is desirable. MORE>>

Nickel Infused Actuator

Sur-flo             Control Valve

Sur-Flo Meters & Controls has thirty (30) years experience selling to the oil and gas industry the most “robust” products in the industry.

Sur-Flo Meters & Controls has engineered the most robust control valve on the market surpassing all standards in product life, simple functional design and maintenance. This bi-directional valve accurately and consistently controls liquid and gas pressure flow under most field conditions.

Unique axial flow designs with high recovery factors and high volume capabilities make this pressure control valve an excellent choice to reduce noise, icing conditions and cavitation damage. Superior resistance to abrasions and extended life are achieved by combining carbon or stainless steel body and cone assembly with an elastomer sleeve.

By incorporating an elastomer sleeve to control the process instead of a spring and diaphragm, the control valve is designed with simplicity as it consists of four pieces instead of multiple parts found in other designs. Fewer components allow our valve to be changed out in the field in minutes saving valuable time and money.