National Basic Sensor     NBS Temperature Sensors

When temperature matters™ is more than a slogan at National Basic Sensor; we are dedicated to being the industry's source for thermodynamic expertise and temperature measurement products.

  • Expertise - Our commitment to expertise starts with dedicated and experienced personnel. Expertise in sales, design, manufacturing, calibration, and quality assurance brings the highest quality products and services to each of our customers.

  • Design & Manufacturing - We design, build, calibrate, manufacture, and document a complete line of thermocouples and RTD’s from single elements to complex temperature measurement systems.

  • Calibration - NBS will supply you with NIST traceable calibration on thermocouples and RTD’s. Our calibration lab is ISO 9001:2008 certified and 17025 compliant. We calibrate over a temperature range of -78°C to 1454°C.

  • Temperature Products - We distribute accessories and instrumentation to compliment our manufactured sensors to meet your process control and automation needs. Thermocouples • Resistance Temperature Detectors • Custom Built Solutions • Thermowells • Bulk Wire • Components • Instrumentation

  • Custom - Calibration services, probe identification and evaluation service; storeroom audit assistance are all offered by NBS.

    Tri-States Grain Conditioning                         Grain Storage Operation

    TSGC, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of grain temperature monitoring equipment in the world. Headquartered in America's Heartland, our administration, fabricating, sales and service divisions are located in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The team at Tri-States Grain Conditioning makes service and high quality products our highest priorities, while providing free quotes and tech support. We have an extensive network of contractors representing our products and services nationwide and in over forty countries.

    3D Silo Temp Cables          SafeTrack Wireless System       Handheld Monitor Grain TRAC Wireless System


    With almost 70 years of experience, WIKA Instrument, LP is the leading global manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation, producing more than 43 million pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters, thermometers and other instruments annually. WIKA’s extensive product line, including mechanical and electronic instruments, provides measurement solutions for any application in a large variety of industries.

    Wika Bimet       Wika Solar Bimet      Wika Twin Temperature      Wika Thermowells       Wika Thermometer

    Precision Digital       PD Nova Temperature Controller

    Precision Digital's Nova series includes temperature and process meters and controllers in 1/16th, 3/16ths, 1/8th, and 1/4 DIN sizes. The Control functions include auto-tune PID, ramp & soak, and limit control. All Nova models have universal inputs and universal power supplies. The Nova Series is available with optional RS-485 communications and Modbus protocol; free Nova software that will allow up to 30 controllers to be monitored and controlled from a PC. Model combinations allow up to (3) relays outputs, 2 analog outputs, and (2) digital inputs.

    Dwyer Instruments         Dwyer Temperature Transmitter         Dwyer IR Sensor         Dwyer IR Gun

    Dwyer Instruments produces many different temperature technology instruments for wide ranging applications. Products include gages, switches, transmitters, sensors, indicators, and many more.